Preventing colon cancer.

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Colon cancer is cancer that occurs in any part of the colon. Starting from the part that connects to the small intestine to the tip that connects to the anus. Most cases of colon cancer begin with the development of small polyps in the colon that eventually develop into colon cancer disease.

Can be prevented in several ways:UFABET 

Screening for colon cancer.

People in general should get screened for colon cancer before the age of 50. But if they are in a high-risk group In particular, there is a family history of this disease. You should get screened for this disease before the age of 50 and check regularly. Because they are more at risk for disease than the general public. Each disease screening program has different advantages and disadvantages. You should consult your doctor before joining the program.

Change lifestyle behaviors.

Gradual adjustments to certain daily habits can help reduce the risk of disease, as suggested below.

  • Focus on eating vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Try to choose to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. Because it is a rich source of minerals, vitamins, fiber and anti-oxidants. That plays an important role in helping fight cancer.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking. Drinking alcoholic beverages should be limited in moderation. Men should drink no more than 2 standard units per day or women should drink no more than 1 standard unit per day, including not smoking,  which can introduce carcinogens into the body.
  • Exercise regularly Choose activities that keep your body moving or exercise that you enjoy for at least 30 minutes a day.
  • Maintain body weight within standard limits. Maintaining a stable body weight along with exercise and choosing healthy foods will reduce your risk of various diseases.