Set a goal to save money for retirement 

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Set a goal to save money for retirement How much should one month be? how to save money

Invite you to analyze your salary, savings and daily life. how to spend money. How much money do you save per month? to have enough money after retirement. Report from โปรโมชั่น ufabet

Salary and savings are essential to daily life. We can use it to plan our future lives. Retirement age is one of the ages where the money needed in life should be carefully considered. because these savings can determine the quality of life and comfort in our retirement in the future

If we become the elderly in retirement age There are still necessary expenses in many areas, such as medical expenses, food, utilities, and many more. It raises the question of whether each day, month, and year should we have savings. and how much money will be used in the future to be sufficient

There are many methods of collecting money to choose from. making it possible to share the use of their own money including being able to plan the amount of money we should have and the amount that can be used in the future 

How to make a preliminary collection plan before retirement age 

  • Divide the money clearly according to their burdens.
  • set short term goals and long term to collect money
  • Make a monthly and yearly collection plan based on income and goals.
  • Try to manage to pay off debt before retirement.
  • Seeking knowledge or additional career to prepare for retirement
  • Find investment sources and generate income in retirement. 

It’s all about short-term planning. to long term in order for the savings to grow Being disciplined in collecting money makes our finances stable. The more we see profits, the more we will be encouraged. and should start collecting. He can And can gradually collect more and more in the future. If able to do so, life in retirement will be more comfortable.

Formula for calculating savings after retirement in order to plan the billing (calculated from current income. Available balance after deducting expenses each month) 

Required savings after retirement = required expenses per month x 12 months x expected life expectancy after retirement

For example, if wanting to use money after retirement 15,000 baht per month until the age of 80 years (amount of 20 years) After retirement 60 years can calculat as follows: 15,000 baht x 12 months equals 180,000 baht / bring 180,000 baht x 20 years equals 3,600,000 baht. is the savings that you want to use after retirement

Formula for calculating savings after retirement. That can prevent inflation in the future is to take the amount required for retirement x 2 to get the amount that is sufficient for inflation (Inflation is a condition in which the price of goods and services. There is a tendency to increase) in addition to obtaining the amount of money. That must kept for future use. It is also recommend to share the proportion of savings for investment. Creating more profits and stability of future use of money.