Soft drinks and health risks.

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Overweight and Obesity It is known that the consumption of Soft drinks. That are high in sugar. But low in nutrients and satiety like soft drinks is not a healthy weight habit. This is not just a concern without evidence. But more than 30 studies and experiments have been compiled and found. That drinking soft drinks with a high amount of sugar is associated with weight gain and the risk of obesity. Which although not yet conclusive and necessary. More studies are needed to confirm. ufabet But the information currently available is sufficient to warn. That consuming with high levels of sugar is not good for health.

Many people may wonder if that use various sweeteners instead of sugar will help reduce this risk. Currently, the evidence is too vague to say whether using sweeteners instead of sugar will be beneficial or harmful in relation to obesity or weight gain. Another concern is that consuming sugar-free drinks may cause those who drink them to choose other foods with a higher calorie content than before. Risk of overweight and obesity that may follow.

The results of a survey of people aged 20 years.

And over indicate that people who are overweight and obese have a habit of drinking. That use artificial sugar more than people who are of a standard weight. It also revealed that obese and overweight patients in the group who drank Sugar-based drinks The pseudopods were significantly more selective in their intake of high-calorie foods. Compared to the group of obese and overweight patients who drank regular soft drinks containing sugar. This result is likely due to people who drink Sugar-based drinks thought. That drinking calorie-free soft drinks made him eat more calories. and often eat more than appropriate in the end