‘Gakpo’ shocked at Anfield, true enthusiasm

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Cody Gakpo has vowed that he will continue to train hard. After getting the opportunity to make his debut for Liverpool in a game that was always with Wolverhampton Wanderers 2-2 in the FA Cup last night

The No. 18 attacker made his real start and spent 84 minutes on the field before being substituted. which he made quite impressive work

“It’s a great atmosphere,” Gakpo told the UFABET club’s website.

“In my own game, I think I showed a mix of good and bad moments

so I can improve in those areas. and move on And try to help the team as much as possible ′ ′ ′

′ Obviously you learn the most when you play, so I’m looking forward to the next games

. “I think we played well from time to time but in the end we didn’t score enough goals. which is a pity”

“But I think we’ve shown what we can do, but also improved on some points and let’s work on that. I think we showed real team spirit in a lot of phases. Which is good ′

′ I think we have to go there (Molineux) with a lot of determination. and win