‘Guardiol’ reveals Liverpool, the dream team as a child

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RB Leipzig defender Yosco Guardiol has revealed that Liverpool were his dream club when he was a kid. In the summer

, the 20-year-old impressed for Croatia at the World Cup and led them to a third-place finish at Qatar

Guardiol. He is seen as one of Europe’s promising centre-backs and will attract interest from a number of clubs. But he did have his favorite team as a kid and that was Liverpool. the UFABET report

When asked which team he liked as a kid, Guardiol told RTL Danas: “Dream club? It has to be Liverpool, of course. As a kid, I watched many of their games with my father

. It’s a club that’s still in my heart

. Which referred to the opportunity to move out of the team this month

However, Guardiol said he wanted to stay at Leipzig until the end of the season and has yet to receive any offers from interested clubs.

“I hope to spend these six months with them. No one handed me anything. But I’m not in a rush, we have time, let other clubs plan and we’ll find

out. But in the end it was decided to stay at Leipzig.

“Last summer there was a transfer and they just kept me. But it was agreed that we would discuss it in the winter.”