‘Inzaghi’ slams Bao’s foul too early to miss watching VAR

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Inter Milan coach Simone Inzaghi slammed the referee for blowing a foul too soon. Although such a stroke should not be a foul In last night’s 2-2 draw with Monza,

Inter became the first team in Serie A to beat leaders Napoli this season, but recently they only managed to draw with Monza, especially by getting a shot. equalizer in injury time

There was controversy when the scoreline was 2-1 when Francesco Acherbi scored a goal but a foul whistle sounded when Roberto Gallardini pushed the opponent

. Pablo Mari tripped over team-mate Armando Izzo, with Cagliardini barely doing anything.

“We are very angry, there was an error. After five years of VAR, a foul was called in which two players from the Monza team are hindering each other,” the former Lazio coach declared.

“It would have been 3-1, a victory. Instead we are here to talk about a draw that comes from a serious mistake.”

Inzaghi admitted that he had expected more from his players though and expected a reaction, whilst still maintaining that Inter ought to have gone two goals clear.

At that moment, if the referee waits until after the ball has entered the goal May allow VAR to interpret

“We were furious, because obviously there was a mistake. Five years after VAR, two Monza players stumbled against each other and it was a foul. Everyone knows let’s wait and see what happens,” Inzaghi told the UFABET

. “We should have gone 3-1 up, with Lautaro’s shot against the post, but let’s talk about the draw. from serious mistakes instead.”