JK jumps to defend ‘Alisson’ giving away luck to competitors

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has defended Alisson Becker for the mistake that gave Wolves the lead in the 2-2 FA Cup draw. last night

Despite an impressive start, Liverpool were then taken first by a misguided pass from Alisson that was snatched away by Gonzalo Gedes

. such But asking football fans to forgive because in the past, Alisson has helped the team a lot.

“We started well, dominated the game,” Klopp told UFABET

. “We played really well and then conceded a goal. That goal shouldn’t happen, but we all know how often Ali helps in defense.

“They had counterattacked before, it was always dangerous when [Adama] Traore got the ball but we came back with a great equalizer, everything was clear in the first half what we wanted to improve and change. To make them more trouble ′ ′ ′

′ Then we can control the game before they open the game to exchange. And we weren’t able to win enough of the skirmishes. They cause a lot of problems. We continued to accumulate problems and then conceded an unfortunate goal, but he shouldn’t have scored like that in our penalty area

. Which referred to doing impressive work with the left-wing role

“He fits into the game well,” Klopp said of the Netherlands international.

“It’s not easy to take the first step. We can’t expect it to be perfect, But he showed good signs. We have to put him in a better position but it will undoubtedly follow.