Lopetegui slams VAR for robbery of Wolves

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Julen Lopetegui believes Wolverhampton Wanderers were robbed of victory after VAR denied a late goal in Wolves’ 2-2 draw with Liverpool in the FA. Cup 3rd round last Saturday night Both teams had to play again to determine the winner of the match replay,

however, Lopetegui felt that Toti Gomes’ shot should count as a goal. But the assistant referee flagged offside and VAR did not provide enough video evidence

. Also in this game,

Lopetegui said: “We saw it, it’s not offside. I’m sorry, but it’s impossible. Some people told him it was offside, but we saw the picture, it didn’t show up. Our players touch the ball in two strokes. But the second time he didn’t mean that.” the UFABET report

“It was a mistaken judgment. I make mistakes every day, and sometimes they do too. Today we have VAR to help, but disappointingly, because I’m sorry. It’s not offside.”

Lopetegui added: “Salah was offside before Toti touched the ball, so he benefited. Of course Toti plays that because the player is offside

. Very listen and polite to us, but it has already happened. We have to accept it

. “It’s disappointing because we deserved to beat a great team like Liverpool.”