What is gourd crab fish

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Gourd crab fish is a gambling game that many people have known each other for a long time. Sourced from China The style of playing is similar to Hi-Lo. Using 3 dice divided into 6 types of images, including gourds / crabs / fish / chicken / shrimp and tigers, which will be used as symbols. in issuing awards

style of play gourd, crab, fish online

Gourd crab fish has the same playing method as Hi-Lo, only that the faces of all 3 dice will have different images. Instead of using numbers. Let us stab by stab that. We can choose to bet in two main forms, namely picture bets or color bets. You can go down many more ways, which today, admin will explain an example of choosing a color bet. And stab in various image formats for friends to understand by friends can see the stab form as shown in the example below. สมัคร UFABET

betting pattern

how to play it There will be a total of 6 symbols to guess (crab/fish/gourd/tiger/chicken and shrimp). The prize draw results will yield 3 results at a time and in these 3 there may be duplicates and in the game, gourds, crabs, fish will have colors. Which is used instead of symbols in 3 main colors: red, green, blue, in addition, each image will have its own points as follows

Fish = 1 point (represented by red)
Shrimp = 2 points (represented by green)
Gourd = 3 points (represented by blue)
Tiger = 4 points (represented by blue)
Crab = 5 points (represented by green)
chicken = 6 points (represented by red)