‘Pao Oliver’ joins ‘Cook’, an old problem for the Reds

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It can be said that the top picks for this weekend’s refereeing team will be led by Michael Oliver, Anthony Taylor, John Brook and Dan Cook.

Liverpool’s old assistant referee Dan Cook, one of the VAR room staff who canceled Luis Diaz’s goal. Will return to duty again by joining the refereeing team in the weekend’s red-hot game.

Cook was a VAR assistant for Darren England in Liverpool’s game against Spurs.

Before making infamous after being involved in a communication error with on-field referee Simon Hooper.

That canceled Diaz’s goal for offside but the Colombian winger was actually not offside. As a result of this incident, PGMOL had to quickly issue a statement apologizing for the error and admitting the error in judgment. Later, audio recordings of their duties were revealed. Revealing that England and Cook had made mistakes and it was too late to correct them.  สมัคร ufabet

Both men were removed from their duties. Before returning to work on 21 October, with England not involved in Liverpool’s games since then, while Cook has. Taking charge of the game against Liverpool for the first time since this weekend’s Red Devils incident, 

Cook and Stuart Burt will serve as assistant referees, with Michael Oliver serving as assistant referee. In the game, John Brook will be in charge of the VAR room, along with Simon Long and Anthony Taylor as the fourth referee. In fact, aside from Cook,

who had issues with Liverpool over the VAR case. Oliver and Long also officiated during the game at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

Oliver did As the fourth official, Long was a linesman who caused confusion over whether Diaz’s goal should have been a goal or offside. While Taylor and Brooks were no less responsible after sending off Virgil van Dijk for offside. The field in the game where the “Reds” defeated Newcastle 2-1 in August.