8 techniques for playing online casinos for real money

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8 techniques for playing online casinos for real money. Have you ever wondered if it is true that online casino can make money? I believe that this question is something that many people wonder. Someone said that if there is loss, there must be. But why every time we play, we lose every time Or is the casino cheating?

8 techniques to play online casinos for real money Factors that make us win

1. Set goals in line with capital

It’s actually a good idea to set your goals high. But for gambling it is better to aim low. In principle, setting goals should be consistent with the available funds.

2. Learn playing techniques

Regardless of playing any game in an online casino. The most important thing is to learn the rules. online casino Get rich at your fingertips to the payout rate of each form of bet. Because in each game there are various bets. And some games. If we combine each of the formats that are mixed together in playing It will help us have a chance to win more easily.

3. Don’t Lose Your Mind

Something that is absolutely forbidden, no matter what bets you play. That is, don’t lose your sanity. Because when we lose, most people, 90%, will begin to bet more heavily. to want a quick refund But here’s what went wrong. because time wasted Everyone will feel restless. Game calculations are easy to miss. or even the person who is playing The more you play, the more you will feel that your luck is good, causing you to place more bets and when you lose 2-3 times in a row, the money you receive may immediately run out. Therefore, please be mindful at all times while playing.

4. Knowing the timing of quitting or taking a break before resuming playing is considered one of the 8 techniques for playing online casinos for real money.

Know how to play, must know how to quit. People who play all day, but lose and lose 4 techniques, online casinos defeat the dealer like a gambler Because no one has as much capital as you. money-making moment no matter how much The dealer has no way out. But when the time wasted Our funds will certainly run out. Therefore, you must know when to stop playing. When we get money for a while and start losing 2-3 nights in a row, stop playing immediately or wasting time must set a budget as well How much is it to lose? Don’t try to force it to get your money back. Let’s take a break and come back to play more comfortably. UFABET

5. If playing roulette, bet in 2 zones.

roulette is gambling that has a lot to choose from And with a tempting payout of 36 times your stake , the Call of Duty shooter can remove the excess. And, of course, there are many and different recipes from masters from everywhere. depending on the aptitude of each person We therefore recommend a 2-zone betting formula, with options to have a total of 3 zones:

  • 1st Zone = Number 1 – 12
  • 2nd Zone = numbers 13 – 24
  • 3rd Zone = Number 25 -36

If the result is number 0, it will be eaten by the dealer (commission).

The betting method is to choose to bet in 2 zones, for example, bet on Zone 1, bet 100 and Zone 2 bet 100 baht. When the result comes out, let’s say it’s a number 17, meaning that in Zone 1, we lose 100 baht, but we get 300 in zone 2. The total capital is equal to That you bet 200 baht, but you get 300 baht = get a profit of 100 baht. It is a game with a very small chance of losing, 1 in 3, making it a formula that will make a profit from playing very well.

6. If playing baccarat to stab the dealer repeatedly

Playing baccarat is playing guessing the side that the card has the closest score to the number 9, which this play can be possible for both sides. That is, the Player side or the Banker side, both sides have the same chance. With the dealer side deducting the water fee when you guess correctly, for example, if you bet 100 baht, the water fee will be deducted to 95 baht, but if you bet on the player’s side when correct, you will get a full bet of 100 and get 100 baht, causing many people to regret the result of the water deduction. Which according to statistics, the overall result will go to the dealer more Remind yourself to always have an eye that must be repeated by the dealer. Until Wells gradually switched playing all the time. It’s all a technique. 

7. If Hi-Lo, bet on sowing

It is similar to the formula for playing roulette. But Hi-Lo has many more numbers. Causing bets to be sown By setting up 4 favorite numbers, such as 1 – 2 – 3 – 4, then bet on all 6 alternate numbers (1-2,1-3,1-4,2-3,2-4 ,3-4) bet 100 x 6 each = 600 baht. When the result comes out hypothetically there are 2 correct numbers (1 pair), you will receive 500 baht and for the other 5 pairs, you will lose 500 equal to the cost. It is not a bad result, but how? But if any eye is lucky There are 3 numbers that you bet on, such as 1-2-3, you will win 3 pairs, get 1,500 baht and lose 3 pairs, 300 baht = get a full profit of 1,200 baht, a formula that gets quite high profits.

8. If playing Tiger-Dragon, keep betting odds

Betting on tigers – dragons looks like a play that is likely to get 50-50% in the most stabbed risk. Because you don’t have to be excited about anything. When showing cards and knowing the outcome at all, analyzing and predicting the outcome of the cards from both sides may be difficult. By turning to focus on even-odd betting because this play will use 5 decks of cards, divided into 120 pair cards and 140 odd cards, which is more. Supposedly when the game started. There have been even cards 20 times and odd cards 20 times the same. Bet on odd cards from now on for 20 games. There are more opportunities to play. If the bet on the odd side is correct, the water fee will be deducted 0.75, but the rate of gain is higher and more worthwhile.